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Sunset Clay studio is an intimate space with room for 5 to 7 members. Keeping memberships limited allows us to provide a unique amount of freedom for our members. For $150 per month, members will get 24 hour access to the space and all communal equipment and tools. Our equipment includes a large slab roller, a plaster wedging table, a glaze lab and spray booth, and an extensive collection of pottery tools and brushes. We have 3 electric kilns: a Skutt 1227, 9.9 cubic foot kiln, a Skutt 818 2.6 cubic foot kiln, and a 7x7x7 inch test kiln. If you would like to focus on wheel work, you are welcome to bring your own wheel or sign out our kick wheel or our 1975 Skutt electric wheel with prior approval. 

The back room is our shared member work-space, and we have generous space for members to store their personal supplies and in-progress work. Members must buy their own glazes, clay, and supplies. As our kilns are electric, no organic material (like newspaper) is allowed in the kiln. If you would like to mix your own glazes, the glaze lab will be available to members with prior approval and training from Abby. Members are required to keep their space and tools neat, clean, and dust free, and help out with seasonal studio cleanups and regular maintenance of kiln shelves. No sweeping allowed, wet cleanup only! No sanding of work is allowed in the main studio! Go outside or in the spray booth if you need to sand a piece! Members are expected to help keep dust risks to a minimum.

Members may not bring guests or share memberships, though they are encouraged to invite friends to our drop in workshops! Members have full use of the kitchenette. Workshops and private events take place in the front room, so they will not interfere with member access to the studio. We do host art markets a few times per year, on a weekend, during which your access to the space will be limited. You will have plenty of warning, and you are welcome and encouraged to get involved and sell your work!

Please share equipment and space fairly with the other members, and help keep Sunset Clay Studio a supportive and welcoming creative work space! Members will be held responsible for any negligent or purposeful damage to the space or equipment. If you're not confident on how to use something, ask Abby! Sunset Clay Studio reserves the right to terminate memberships at any time if there are serious issues.

If you are interested in pursuing a membership with Sunset Clay Studio, call Abby Deneau at 517-282-9850 or email at to set up a tour and interview.

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